Cum sa faci lapte vegetal acasa/How to make vegan milk at home

RO: Din ce in ce mai multi consumatori incep sa puna la indoiala consumul de lapte si efectele pe care acesta il are in dieta noastra, aspura vacii, sanatatii noastre dar si asupra mediului inconjurator. Am scris mai multe despre asta AICI.

In acest articol am sa prezint mai multe variante de lapte vegetal pe care il poti face acasa si cu ingrediente care sunt usor de gasit. Ai nevoie de:un blender, apa, putina sare(optional) si nuci. 

  1. Lapte de migdale

Ingrediente: 1 cana de migdale, 2 cani de apa, sare(optional) 

Ce trebuie sa faci: se pun migdalele si apa intr-un bleder aproximaiv un minut, pana cand apa devine alba. Se strecoara pulpa printr-un tifon iar apoi se stoarce.

PS: Puteti lasa migdalele peste noapte la inmuiat pentru a se blenda mai usor.

2. Lapte de cocos

Ingrediente: o nuca de cocos matura, 2 cani de apa

Ce trebuie sa faci: Se curata nuca de cocos si se taie in cubulete,se pune in blender impreuna cu apa aproximativ un minut sau pana cand devine ca o pasta mai subtire, apoi se trece printr-o strecuratoare sau un tifon. 

3. Lapte din ovaz

Ingrediente: ovaz, apa, pentru a fi mai dulce 2 curmale, sare, extract de vanilie(optional)

Ce trebueie sa faci: Intr-un bol se pune ovazul si apa, se lasa 20 de minute. Dupa 20 de minute se strecoara apa, iar in blender punem ovazul, cele 2 curmale, 2-3 cani de apa rece, putina sare si extractul de vanilie. Se strecoara apoi.

4. Lapte de orez: Este o alternativa mai usoara a laptelui din nuci. Are mai putina grasime si un continut scazut de calorii. Este mai bine sa folositi orez brun pentru ca este mai nutritiv si are un indice glicem mic.

Ingrediente: orez brun, apa

Ce trebuie sa faci: Se pune la fiert o cana de apa cu un sfert de cana de orez, se acopera pana acesta este gatit. Se adauga apoi in blender cu 2 cani de apa calduta, se mai adauga apa daca este nevoie, iar apoi se strecoara

EN: More and more consumers are beginning to question the consumption of milk and the effects it has on our diet, cows, our health and the environment. I’ve written more about this HERE.

In this article I will show you several variants of vegetable milk that you can do at home and with ingredients that are easy to find. You need: a blender, water, a little salt (optional) and nuts.

1.Almond milk:

Ingredients: 1 cup of almonds, 2 cups of water, salt (optional)

What to do: put almonds and water in a bleder for a minute, until the water becomes white. Pass the pulp through a gauze and then squeeze.

PS: You can let the almonds overnight soaked to make it easier to mix.

2. Coconut milk

Ingredients: a mature coconut, 2 cups of water

What to do: Clean the coconut and cut into cubes, put it in the blender with water for about a minute or until it depends on a thinner paste, then it is passed through a strainer or gauze.

3. Oat milk

Ingredients: oats, water, to be sweeter 2 dates, salt, vanilla ectract (optional)

What to do: In a bowl place the oats and water and left it there for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes the water is squeezed and in the blender we put the oats, the two dates, 2-3 cups of cold water, a little salt and the vanilla extract. Then it sneaks.

4. Rice milk: It is an easier alternative to nut milk. It has less fat and low calorie content. It is better to use brown rice because it is more nutritious and has a low glycemic index.

Ingredients: brown rice, water

What to do: Boil a cup of water with a quarter cup of rice, cover until it is cooked. Then add 2 cups of warm water to the blender, add water if necessary, and then strain

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